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Birth of
Kannaana Kanney

My first meeting with Praniti and family is unforgettable. I have been a certified Praniti fan by then, and till date I watch her videos in repeat mode. When the world has known Praniti to have a great voice, watching her perform her songs in YouTube at a tender age, I couldn't help but notice her magnificence.

Observing Praniti perform, I sensed an extraordinary ability within her to effortlessly tap into a range of emotions. It was as if she could conjure any feeling at will, making me trust that she had the makings of a terrific and natural actor. In those moments, I saw not just a singer, but a versatile artist with the potential to weave magic on the cinematic stage.

Praniti, family and KK.png

Praniti's father, Praveen, kindly invited me to their home, and upon arrival, her mother, Priya, extended a warm welcome. I felt an overflowing sense of love and being loved.


As if scripted by destiny, Praniti entered the room, greeting me like a daughter would. With a gleam in her eyes, she said, "Uncle! I am going to play this for you."

I believe that the untamed qualities in a man gracefully yield and transform into honor when he becomes the father of a daughter. And this transformation is either a natural evolution or a conscious choice that becomes evident when a man regards a girl as his own daughter. The love and grace of a girl propels him towards this evolution. 

Seated at the piano, she skillfully brought forth a fantastic tune, her fingers dancing effortlessly across the keys. Praveen, remarked, "She is touching it after two months." In that musical moment, I witnessed not just a talented artist but a connection that transcended the boundaries—a bond forged in the language of shared joy and affection.

During that period, I was in the midst of exploring the idea of creating a film. Having previously ventured into the realm of filmmaking with a pilot film centered around a touching son-father narrative, and while being unaware of Praniti's prior experience in playing small yet memorable roles in feature films, a thought began to take shape in my mind.

What if we embarked on a different narrative—a poignant daughter-father story that could potentially weave a tapestry of emotions on the cinematic canvas?

PXL_20221201_061901601_Original (1).jpg

What initially started as an idea soon evolved into a full-length feature, expanding its focus beyond the tender bond shared between a daughter and her father. The narrative delved into the diamond-like qualities inherent in their characters, with particular emphasis on the 14-year-old daughter who emerged as the shining centerpiece of the story.

The project unfolded as a cinematic journey delving into themes of love, family dynamics, and the brilliance inherent in human relationships. After considering various titles, we settled on "Kannaana Kanney" for our movie.

First things first - The prospect of having Praniti bring my written words to life in song was a joy I couldn't pass up. After all that is how I got to know her. Our creative journey began with the recording of a song I wrote in English. Back then, I never imagined that our third feature film would be fortunate enough to feature her song.  

First I, then my daughter and wife also met with Praniti and family. Although a countable few, the days Praniti stayed and we all teamed up to help her in homework or we going to a mall, or I driving her to a school function were very memorable .

Interestingly, Praniti had previously lent her voice to a cover of the delightful song "Kannaana Kanney" from the movie Viswasam, a rendition that garnered over 39 million views. This choice not only resonated with the essence of our film but also carried a heartfelt connection to Praniti's earlier musical expression.

Sambath Krishna, previously an assistant to Director Bala in the cult classic "Pithamagan," brought forth a beautiful story that he and I collaboratively shaped with an incredible team.

The days leading up to production and the filming period were filled with pure joy. During this time, I learned Silambam and shared my amateur skills with Praniti, demonstrating what she could also achieve. To my delight, she picked it up effortlessly.

Throughout the process, Praniti listened intently as I narrated the story and described the scenes while filming. She seamlessly tapped into the emotions of each scene, even when filmed in a random order. Beyond our work, we all resided in the same hotel, providing more opportunities for bonding. I found myself spending additional time driving her to various filming locations.

In the realm of acting, she stands as one of my Gurus. 

Beyond her acting prowess, she has also lent her beautiful voice to two songs. Our movie boasts four songs, each named after her character – Seetha:

  1. Kaalai Naera Sooriyanae - Seetha’s Birth

  2. Thuli Koodum Pothilae - Seetha’s Love

  3. Oomai Enthan Thottaththil - Seetha’s Challenge

  4. Pitha Pirai Soodi - Seetha’s Devotion

These songs not only enhance the narrative but also capture the essence and various facets of Seetha's character

We could all feel the exhaustion in the air, evident in the weariness etched on our faces in the photos. Despite the fatigue, there was a collective sense of optimism and enthusiasm surrounding the film.

In my role as a father, the absence of my daughter during the filming days stirred a blend of yearning, both poignant and affectionate. And, Praniti's presence infused an additional layer of warmth to this emotional mix. Observing her committedly tackle her homework and occasionally extending a helping hand, much like any father would, transformed my time in front of the camera into an unforeseen blessing. The shared moments and experiences throughout the filming forged a distinctive and heartening connection.

If faced with the dilemma of choosing between two options – having Praniti present in my life as she is or having her feature in my films – without hesitation, I would opt for the former.


Fortunately, I am not confronted with such a choice. Praniti will be a part of every one of our movies, in varying capacities. For this, I am immensely grateful. Here's to this newfound daughter and to the prospect of welcoming many more like her, gracing my fortunate existence on this Earth.


Kamaraj Kalyanasundaram

Kannaana Kanney Trailer

In "Kannaana Kanney," Murugaiyan's boundless love for his daughter Seetha forms an unbreakable bond, inspiring her dreams. However, their idyllic world is shattered by an unforeseen enemy, thrusting Seetha into challenges beyond her years. The story unfolds to reveal the true depth of her character in a rare, innovative, and profoundly touching manner. "Kannaana Kanney" promises an emotional rollercoaster, offering a glimpse into the strength of familial ties and a revelation at climax that defies expectations.


Praniti and Kamaraj shine as Seetha and Murugaiyan, while Haritha adds a compelling layer as a key third lead. The talented "Koothu Pattarai - Thangam" skillfully portrays the antagonist, complemented by the impactful performances of "Aruvi Madhan" and "Gopal K" in pivotal roles in the second half of the movie.

Get ready to be captivated by the magic of "Thuli Koodum Pothilae - Seetha's love for life" as musical maestro Jose Franklin, known for "Nedunalvaadai," collaborates with the talented Praniti in "Kannaana Kanney." Praniti, a Sun Super Singer award winner since age 5, not only stars in the song but also lends her captivating voice. This nostalgic journey is more than a song—it's a heartfelt exploration of precious father-daughter moments. Lokeshwaran's supporting vocals add a unique touch. Stay tuned for the full release and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Praniti's Voice.

This song, our title track, is a captivating melody that weaves itself into the intricate fabric of their shared journey—a beautiful necklace stringing together the evolving ages of his once tiny daughter, now blossoming into a 14-year-old. Lokeshwaran, a surprise find, masterfully lends his voice to the unspoken emotions, breathing life into the father's ineffable sentiments

In the midst of his lush green garden, Sita stands as the solitary flower, a precious bloom in Murugaiyan's daily canvas of verdant beauty.

The poignant depth of the mute father's unspoken emotions finds resonance in the tender notes of the enchanting melody, "Oomai Enthan Thotathil," where profound sentiments rest upon a beautiful tune.

Tamil poetry has ascended to unparalleled heights, courtesy of towering figures like "Sundarar." The timeless masterpiece, "Pitha Piraisoodi," penned by Sundarar, receives a magnificent tribute in the form of a stellar composition by the talented Jose Franklin, further elevated by the ethereal voice of Praniti.


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