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What do I post in social media?

"Social Media in our lives"

When social media was introduced in our lives, it was exciting to communicate personal information such as photos with other family members, kids, events, and whatnot. In seconds, friends and family from distant places in the world could see what I post. Their responses and my engagement virtually in their life have both been exciting and, in some cases, moving.

The capabilities of the search engines evolved exponentially, and they keep on evolving. It has been for a while since we can run a search based on photos. The personal information we put on social media can be accessed easily if not by all, but by the media itself, who sells our profiles for commerce.

All of these inspired me to decide that I would only share in social media the content that I consider OK to share with someone I do not know.

And hence, the type of content I have in all my Social Media, Facebook, twitter, instagram etc..


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