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Embarking on a global journey, my encounters with diverse cultures and work environments have indelibly shaped my perspective. The ethos of the Tata group, the collaborative spirit found in many Western firms across the USA and Europe, and the moral drive encapsulated in Infosys' compelling slogan, 'Powered by intellect, driven by values,' have consistently fueled my inspiration.

These influences have propelled me to craft a team dynamic that breaks free from traditional constraints of employment and fixed salaries. Our team is more than a mere assembly of individuals; it's a vibrant tapestry woven together by shared values. Each member doesn't just fill a role; they serve as independent ambassadors of their excellence, deeply committed and infused with an incredible team spirit, collaborating on projects that resonate with our shared vision.

Throughout my journey, whether navigating the dynamic corridors of Infosys, leading a College Cricket Team, or steering the ship at Sarvah League, one truth has remained steadfast—finding the right team member is synonymous with securing half the victory. This belief echoes in every success story I've been privileged to be part of.

Here's to a team bound not only by professional ties but by a collective dedication to excellence and shared values.


Praniti didn't just win my heart; she swept me off my feet with her infectious affection, and then proceeded to dazzle me with her extraordinary skills from the get-go. What's truly remarkable is that, at the tender age of 14, she not only boasts significant achievements but also maintains an unwavering warmth and love that's truly inspiring.

Her journey began as the child role of the lead actress Aditi Balan in 'Aruvi' back in 2017. Praniti's debut as a playback singer, under the guidance of D. Imman in a Red Giant production, marked the inception of a rising star. Her rendition of "Pappara Pappa" for the movie 'Lakshmi' in Tamil and Telugu captured hearts, while her cover songs have taken the internet by storm.


With a YouTube channel named simply 'Praniti,' she has amassed close to 2 million subscribers, showcasing her undeniable talent.

Behind this prodigious talent is a dynamic duo - Priya, Praniti's mother, a dedicated singer channeling her time into nurturing Praniti, and Praveen, a one-man army juggling roles as a Cinematographer, Director, Editor, and more. Their love and commitment shine through in every interaction, laying the foundation for Praniti's journey.

This family, with their love, patience, and commitment to excellence, has not only created a strong foundation but also inspired everyone lucky enough to know them. Praniti, with her incredible skills and passion, is a force to be reckoned with, continually shaping her burgeoning career.

At Sarvah League, we consider ourselves immensely fortunate to have crossed paths with this exceptional family. Praniti graced our first feature film, 'Kannaana Kanney,' and we owe them a heartfelt thanks for being an integral part of our journey as a young company fueled by enthusiasm.

Here's to the magic they bring and the inspiration they ignite!


Abishek Ramesh isn't just an aspiring actor and a fantastic editor; he's a creative dynamo with whom I've had the distinct privilege and fortune to collaborate on our inaugural feature film - "Kannaana Kanney."

Abishek's talent knows no bounds, but what sets him apart is his boundless commitment to the values that I hold dear – "Humanity and Human Excellence." Working alongside him, I've witnessed not just his creative prowess but also his unwavering dedication to embodying these principles in every project.

Currently pursuing a degree in Media Sciences at Anna University, Abishek is on track to graduate with a Masters' degree in May 2025. His educational journey is a testament to his commitment to honing his craft and attaining excellence in the field.

It's not just about the roles he plays or the edits he masterfully crafts; it's about the essence of humanity and excellence that he brings to the table, aligning seamlessly with the values that define our creative pursuits.

Here's to Abishek Ramesh - a talent to watch, a collaborator par excellence, and a fellow advocate for the enduring values of humanity and human excellence.

Screen Shot 2022-11-05 at 5.34.39 AM.png

Samson K Ronald, a beacon of exceptional talent, recently garnered well-deserved recognition at the prestigious Goa International Film Festival. His outstanding cinematography not only earned him an award but also cast a spotlight on his remarkable skills in the cinematic realm. 

Our initial encounter with Samson left an indelible impression. A humble enthusiast with an insatiable desire for self-improvement and uplifting others, Samson embodies the spirit of collaboration and continuous growth.

A standout feature of his portfolio is his exceptional work in an underwater setting, a testament to his technical prowess and the ability to weave visually stunning and compelling narratives.

Samson's accolade at the Goa International Film Festival is not just a personal triumph; it adds a layer of excellence to our team. We take immense pride in having such a distinguished cinematographer shaping the visual landscape of our project.

In his professional journey, Samson has lent his talents to SUN Network and served as an assistant to DOP Santhoshkumar, showcasing the depth and breadth of his experience in the industry.

Here's to Samson K Ronald, a visionary in the world of cinematography, and a valuable asset to our creative endeavors.

Screen Shot 2022-11-05 at 5.40.39 AM.png

Jose Franklin breathes vibrant life into our projects through his exceptional music composition.

With a profound understanding of the project and an innate ability to capture the mood of the audience, Jose crafts music that resonates universally across generations—be it the old, not-so-old, or the young.

Following his fantastic success with "Nedunalvaadai," Jose has seamlessly become our go-to composer since our very first meeting, consistently delivering memorable musical experiences that enhance the essence of our work.

In addition to his fantastic hit in "Nedunalvaadai," Jose Franklin has also lent his musical brilliance to the composition of 15 other films, showcasing the breadth and depth of his musical expertise. His diverse portfolio further underscores his versatility and mastery in creating captivating soundscapes for a wide range of cinematic experiences. Looking ahead to the continued harmonious journey with this prolific composer.

Screenshot 2024-01-08 at 6.57.07 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-01-01 at 5.55.25 AM.png

Haritha, our third lead in the film, is not just a captivating presence on-screen; she actively contributes to day-to-day production, enriching our project with her valuable suggestions drawn from a vast acting experience spanning 35 movies.

A true multitalented individual, Haritha has been an athlete for 18 years, representing Tamil Nadu in athletics at the national level. Beyond her prowess in sports and acting, she is also an abstract artist, sound healer, storyteller, model, and exhibits a genuine commitment to the betterment of others' lives.


Adding to her diverse skills, Haritha also plays the handpan, adding a musical touch to her already impressive repertoire.

Her dynamic contributions make her an invaluable asset to our project, embodying the essence of versatility.


Karthik Chandrasekhar, with over forty films under his belt as a colorist, brings a wealth of experience and an exceptional sense of frames to our projects. Operating as both a scientist and an artist in the realm of frame enhancement, Karthik ensures that each frame is meticulously crafted for maximum impact.


His precision in handling film footages not only elevates the visual aesthetics but also provides peace of mind for the producer. Beyond color grading, Karthik's extensive network allows him to seamlessly navigate and deliver on various post-production aspects, including CGI, VFX, and design.

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