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Sanjeev Sampath, the founder of the Keystone training circle, is an expert Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner with over a decade of a wealth of experience in successful individual case handling - one to one mentoring and conducting "NLP Practitioner training".


He is our chief trainer for our certification program, "Practitioner - NLP." Upon completion of the course with him, one will get an internationally accepted, ABNLP -  "NLP - Practitioner" certificate.

Sanjeev is much sought after by top companies from different industries in India. Sanjeev is an expert in driving organizational changes concerning human behavior and also an excellent one to one mentor for a range of clients up to CEOs, founders, and Senior Executive Managers in reputed companies. He has helped many individuals reach where they want to, in career and personal lives.  


An excellent highlight of Sanjeev's approach is that he never needs sensitive personal information, history, or story, of a client to help them move forward. He is adept at working with the minimal and necessary information. "Where one is - where they want to go?" That's all. 


We will update the dates for the "NLP training", shortly.


Sanjeev's NLP Courses are conducted in accordance with the quality standards set by the following International Certifying bodies:

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