Dear all,


People who do not have eyesight in the world is estimated at 40 million, less than 1% of the total world population. An estimated 0.15 million people lose their lives every day, i.e., 55 million, a year.


The struggles of those without eyesight tend to continue each year, except for some fortunate people, helped by gracious donors.


The simple truth is that almost all 40 million people, except for some exceptional scenarios where the surgery will not work, could end their struggle in a year. It is only a matter of  'one' decision to donate our precious eyes after we lose our lives. Our eyes continue to offer light, instead of burning to ashes or mingling with the soil. And we could enhance the lifestyle of those for whom surgery will not work by enabling skills and improved sense management strategies.


We are making an international short film, with a commitment to sow a seed of this awareness and celebrate the value of eyesight, our most incredible navigation in the world, our gateway to each others' souls.


We trust such a film could be engaging while deepening our awareness of the other human. In sharing our perspective of this particular human struggle, we stand together with many caring organizations and individual people.


We are committed to increasing the footprint of people who not only care but also act decisively.


Through this film, we hope to reach many international film festivals and millions of people worldwide. We plan to drive eye donation officially by presenting our movie in various institutions and with our discussion shows post the movie presentation. We will also look to work with organizations that enhance the skillset for whom eye replacement will not work.

It would be great to have you join us as a donor to create and distribute the movie. Our budget to make the film is $15,000. We sincerely appreciate your donating any sum you are willing to. You could use PayPal or Email in the case of you wanting to do a bank transfer.


We intend to screen the movie in different parts of the world and sell the film's rights to appropriate mediums. In the case of profits, we will allocate 50% of the net-profits to people who do not have money for eye surgery/specialized skills training. In the rest 50% of the net profits, we will pay 1.25X of what the donors contributed. Only after, we will allocate the remaining profits to the production house.



Kamraj Sundram - Producer & Founder - Sarvah League

Ashok Kumar - Director of the film