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கண்ணம்மா ஜோதி

Kannamma Jyothi

தன் குழந்தை மனத்தாலும் விடா முயற்சியாலும் விடாது நம் நெஞ்சில் குடி கொள்ளும் ஒரு மழலை ஞானி - நம் கண்ணம்மா ஜோதி!

I have experienced Jyothi as childlike and saintlike. Her innocence, perseverence and quest for excellence are awe inspiring.

- Kamraj Sundram

Jyothi, a young and ambitious musician/singer aged 22 is a girl living with a combination of visual and autistic disabilities and challenges since her birth.


She was not accepted by her father and her father’s parents and was eventually taken by her mother to her maternal grandparents home in order to offer safety and protection to the child.

Initially, when she was born in 2001, She was only diagnosed with visual impairment and at the age of 4 she was diagnosed with autism as well. When she was 4 years old she went to NIMHANS Hospital, Bangalore as an aggressive, unadoptable and difficult child with restricted interests, poor socialization, temper tantrum, self-injurious behavior and sleeping disorder. With further guidance offered by many people and doctors, after trying to pursue her education in a school for the visually impaired. she found it difficult to read and write braille.

She then went to NIEPMD and with their guidance went to Clarke school where she settled and was able to identify, read and write Braille. Meanwhile she was introduced to music where her behavior got quite settled. She is a keen music learner and is able to be musically independent.

As Jyothi’s mother I would like to mention that although we are still facing challenges in her behavior she has a high level understanding In music. She sang a film song in an event through which she became very popular and got an opportunity to sing as a playback singer in one of Mr. GV Prakash’s movies. After this she sang for a few movies, albums and serials and accompanied in violin concerts.

Moving a step forward in her career, She is even able to teach others sharing her knowledge in music with a minimum support.



Jyothi with her mother Kalaiselvi at Sarvah League's awards event - Sep 4, 2022. Sarvah League also premiered Jyothi's first single - Original Music Score by Mohammed Dawood, Lyrics and Direction by Kamraj Sundram.

A beautiful interview

Jyothi's Kannamma

Jyothi winning a prestigious award 

Jyothi's first film song with GV Prakash

Jyothi singing Carnatic

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