Kamraj Sundram identifies himself as fundamentally an artist committed to the deeper meanings and crafts of acting, writing, and speaking. He also is a meditator and a certified meditation trainer. Intrigued by the book of Buddha that his beloved aunt Kalyani introduced to him when he was five, he has walked with a fundamental question.


"What is the purpose of life if we are to die?"

Keeping this question alive, he ventured through various landscapes of life that started from an unheard village in the south of India. 


Born in a lower-middle-class family in India, he was committed to raising his family's economic standards and chose engineering for his professional degree. ​ 


Kamraj Sundram earned an opportunity to work in the US and other countries, thanks to India's beloved tech company, Infosys. 


He has written several essays, articles, and poetry and has also won accolades for his public speaking and plays, since his early teens, in India. 


While pursuing a corporate career in the US and a transition to entrepreneurship, he has kept his artistic bent alive by continuing to write and participating in events involving poetry, plays, and dance performances.

His keen interest in self-development led to deep relationships with loving people from different countries both in and outside his work. Such experiences taught him how humanity is the basis of all achievements and offered him a clarity that one can know oneself best by relating with others. He has helped and been helped by numerous like-minded people through coaching and mentoring throughout his adult life. 


Collecting and drawing upon all his experiences, Kamraj Sundram is building Sarvah League, a humble endeavor to bringing meaningful films and literary work for the readers and viewers. 


Kamraj Sundram is grateful to his family for being his foundation and guiding grace to refine his raw existence, transforming his aggressive competitive spirit into that of cooperation and inspiration, growing along with the other, and above all, with love. He lives in India with his wife and daughter and enjoys a beautiful and meaningful relationship with them. Their loving presence and care inspire his works.