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I fundamentally identify myself as a human being committed to humanity and human excellence through unity within myself and others. When I was five, I was intrigued by the book of Buddha that my beloved aunt Kalyani introduced to me. Since then, I have walked with a question.


"What is the purpose of life if we are to die?"

Keeping this question alive, I ventured through various landscapes of life that started from an unheard village in the south of India. 

The quest by the question!


Being born in an economically struggling and, at the same time, abundantly loving family in India, I was committed to raising my family's economic standards and chose engineering for my professional degree at Guindy Engineering College, Anna University. ​


Pursuing my goals, I earned an excellent opportunity to work in the US and other countries, thanks to India's beloved tech company, Infosys. I feel humbled and privileged that my approach towards guiding organizations on their vision, goals, people, and understanding of technology has left my clients happy and fulfilled.

Artistic Interests!

Since I was a kid while growing up in India, I have loved writing essays, articles, poetry, speaking and acting which brought me closer to people and also won me awards and accolades.


Even while I was pursuing a corporate career in the US and a transition to entrepreneurship, I kept my artistic bent alive through these avenues of expression. The foundation and fuel behind such interest is the rich Tamil literature through which I learned about the human spirit, some answers and further questions about the purpose of human life.

Sarvah League

My keen interest in self-development led to deep relationships with loving people from different countries both in and outside my work. Through such experiences, I learned how humanity is the basis of all achievements, and it offered the clarity that one can know oneself best by relating with others. Throughout my adult life, I have had the privilege of being coached by knowledgeable and wise people. It has been meaningful to serve and help people through coaching and mentoring in return.

After much reflection and drawing upon all my experiences, I started Sarvah League as a vehicle for bringing quality films and literary work to my beloved audience. 

I am grateful to work together with my committed and talented friends as partners in my projects. I am grateful to my family and my spiritual guides for being my foundation. I believe that their grace and goodwill refines my raw existence into one of cooperation, inspiration, growth with everyone, and above all, with love.



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