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Embracing Humanity, Crafting Dreams


I am Kamaraj, a devoted advocate of humanity and an ardent seeker of excellence in both personal and collective endeavors.

My journey commenced at the tender age of five, captivated by the wisdom of Buddha, a gift from my beloved aunt Kalyani.


Since then, a profound question has guided my footsteps:

"What is the purpose of life if we are destined to die?"

The quest by the question!


This question has propelled me through diverse landscapes, originating from an unheard village in southern India.


Despite economic struggles, my family's boundless love fueled my commitment to elevate our standards. Opting for engineering at Guindy Engineering College, Anna University, I pursued my goals.

Venturing globally, courtesy of Infosys, I am humbled by the privilege of guiding organizations on their vision, goals, people, and technology, leaving behind fulfilled clients.

Artistic Interests!

Art has been my constant companion since childhood, manifested in writing, speaking, and acting.


Even amidst a corporate career and entrepreneurial pursuits in the US, my artistic spirit thrived.


The essence lies in the rich tapestry of Tamil literature, unraveling the human spirit and igniting questions about life's purpose.

A Vision Unveiled

My passion for self-development intertwined with global connections has revealed humanity as the bedrock of all achievements.


Learning about oneself through meaningful connections became clear. Guided by knowledgeable mentors, I've found fulfillment in coaching and mentoring others.


From this tapestry of experiences, Sarvah League emerged—a platform to share quality films and literary creations with a cherished audience.

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I extend heartfelt gratitude to my committed and talented friends, partners in my creative ventures. My family and spiritual guides stand as my unwavering foundation, refining my existence into a life of cooperation, inspiration, and collective growth—with love at its core.



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