Kamraj Sundram - Founder

An artist committed to the deeper meanings and crafts of acting, a writer, and a speaker. Intrigued by the book of Buddha that his beloved aunt Kalyani gave him when he was five, Kamraj Sundram walked with a fundamental question.

"What is the purpose of life if we are to die?"

Keeping this question alive, he ventured through various landscapes of life that started from an unheard village in the south of India and extended to the USA and other countries. He has written several essays/articles and poetry and has also won accolades for his public speaking and plays in events, since his early teens, in India.  With a corporate career in the USA and a transition to entrepreneurship, he keeps his artistic bent alive by continuing to write, participate in events involving poetry, plays, and dance performances.


Kamraj Sundram is committed to bringing meaningful films and literary work in print and digital media, to improve the human experience and quality of life, through Sarvah League LLC, www.sarvahleague.com. He is committed to setting aside 10% of the Sarvah League's net earnings to further self-awareness and social consciousness through Sarvah Foundation.

Ashok Kumar - Advisor on Media Strategy, Our Film Director 


Ashokkumar works as a creative head in the Tamil film industry. An avid reader and writer, Ashokkumar, has written hundreds of essays on a wide variety of topics and noteworthy novels in Tamil in both print and digital media.

Deeply moved by the need to assist people at old age, unsupported young kids, and women, he dedicates time for their upliftment through his 'Aalamaram Foundation.' 


Ashokkumar's writing always carries an element of optimism with a deeper understanding of human nature. He has worked as a story & screenplay writer for 'Mai,' and dialogue-writer for 'Onbathula Guru.' His impressive dialogues that gave life to the characters in the movie, 'Mai', were lauded by the famous Tamil weekly magazine, 'Ananda Vikatan.'

He worked as a creative head for the film 'Nedunalvaadai,' released in 2019. The film is recognized by mainstream media as a film of substance, authenticity, and a film that portrays real-life beautifully.

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