Hello, Friends/Friends to be,

I am thankful that we live in a connected world and that I can send a message like this one, which will arrive at you in a few seconds, wherever you are in the world.

Two decades ago, somehow, I had the motivation, thanks to my caring friends, to do two things for several months. These two acts breathed fresh air in my life, releasing me from the clutches of my selfishness.


  1. Every day, I was teaching language to blind students from a school in Chennai. 

  2. Every day, I was taking my breakfast from my college hostel to a man abandoned by his family because he had leprosy. 

The summer holidays started, the kids went home. And one beautiful day, to my pleasant surprise and a heart-melting moment, a woman who takes care of slippers at the temple informed me that the man's family came for him and took him with them. Another beautiful day to my shock and heart-melting moments, two of the blind kids came to see me, journeying for ten hours by themselves.

And fast forward to Oct 2018, Ashok Kumar, one of my best friends, tells me, "You know Kamraj! If all people who die in a year donate their eyes, there will not be any blind people in the world," with the exceptional cases where the surgery will not work. This information lingered and gradually haunted my heart. What could we do with this?

Ashok and I were also discussing bringing our talents in the fields of directing and acting, respectively, to the world. Could we combine this goal and our care in such a way that we evoke awareness and then drive decisive actions to a meaningful purpose?

Thus born is our project "M SS ON TO V S ON." We are bringing to you, a poetic story that happens in a family, through a 30-40 minute-film, that would drive the point home the importance of eye and organ donation. And we will visit people in colleges, clubs, wherever we can gather caring people to show our film. And we will do an on the spot eye donation registration with willing hearts. We will work in joint hands with institutions that have similar goals, by offering them our film and any other assistance.

This film is born out of our effort and whatever personal resources we can muster, and with financial assistance, that you may be willing to offer. 


We will honor your contribution with your name in End credits of the movie. In the case of profits from screening and selling the rights of the film, we will assign the first 50% of the profits to people who do not have money for eye treatments/skills training and in the rest of the 50%, we will return to you, up to 1.25 times your contribution.

Any contribution you could do is heartfully and deeply appreciated. No amount is small or negligible. Anything and everything helps, and what matters is your willing heart and enthusiastic participation.


You are welcome to make your contributions through PayPal or through an email, for a bank transfer or any other means.



Kamraj Sundram on behalf of our team.