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Thank you friend! Your support made our dream come true!

Dear friend,

Your assistance made our dream 'Enga Ooru Kaattilae - In the Jungle of Our Village' possible. 


We have entered 25 film festivals, entered 20 finals and won 13 awards. 

We are postponing the public release looking for an opportune moment which we concluded are


  1. When we sell our mainstream film - project."Bilal' - late 2022 or

  2. When we launch our official channel - similar timelines


Our original intent of the movie as non-profit still stands the same. At the same time, we are working to generate income that will help the causes I mentioned. 'When we realize a profit, the first 50% goes to eye care and the next 25% to you all proportionately and only then to Sarvah League, to support our filmmaking.' 


We decided to sell the film after our mainstream film is sold or to release it on our channel on YouTube and realize ad money. There is usually a follow-up effect on our past films when the mainstream film is a success. We trust we have a powerful story and opportunities for success.


Our advancement to making a mainstream feature film is because of how well "Enga Ooru Kaatilae" was received. You all are part of the film's success and creation. And I thank you again for the same. 


I will keep you posted. 


Thank You,

Kamraj Sundram

Bilal - project page for supporters of Enga Ooru Kaatilae and Bilal

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